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 E M A A N I


Just when you imagine haute couture infused with the intricacies of traditional works to render designs that promise to take your breath away, think Emaani. 


Emaani is a leading luxury brand with a global reach that believes in enrobing ethnic aesthetics along with innovative and trending designs. Paving the way for elegant and exceptionally beautiful outfits, galvanized from the regal attires of a foregone era that are reminiscent of the Nawabs of Awadh and Rohilkhand. 

Our traditional embroidery techniques seek to personify the true essence of the glorified Nawabi culture, enduring traditions, and exquisite craftsmanship. We handcraft outfits that resonate with the historical opulence; while graciously imbibing the traditional techniques preserved in the acumen of the unsung craftsmen. Perfected over time on vintage silhouettes we have designs that transport you in an awe-inspiring era of splendor and subliminal style.

Escorting the classical heritage, we seek to conserve and perpetuate the rich heritage of Indian handicrafts alongside empowering the unemployed artisans who are losing recognition due to the contemporary and unsustainable lifestyles in vogue. 



Emaani, was founded by Khadeeja Khan from the city of Rampur. Drawing inspiration from the entrepreneurship spirit of her mother, who is a distinguished couturier for over three decades. After moving her base to Lucknow, she has effectively positioned Emaani at the confluence of the exotic culture of Lucknow and Rampur. She has held a keen and close eye on meticulous arts which are now translated as unmatched and spectacular designs at Emaani.


Today, her brand Emaani holds testimony to the curious, yet unique admixture of the Awadhi and Rohilia styles of design, keeping true to the original enchantment for classics and forgotten arts. Her signature styles include the interesting improvisation of beadwork and delicate patterns to fashion outfits that are nothing short of a surreal dream. With a variegated work spectrum, she dabbles effortlessly across attention-grabbing baroque to the subtle elegance of pastels, customized to conform to your individual taste. Leaving nothing to the imagination, Emaani brilliantly creates sophisticated dresses with an immutable artistic appeal, highlighted with elaborate ornamentation on luxuriant fabrics. The forte being Resham work and other labyrinthine embroideries adapted to versatile patterns.


Our collection includes- Farshi/ Patatpatti/ ChatapatiGhararas , KalidaarLahengaas, Salwar Kameez,Silk Saris and custom orders.Our team is adept at all kinds of hand-woven works like that of Zardozi, Dapka, Resham, mirror work, Lucknowichikankari, and patch works along with the offering of all kinds of textile design/ color/ texture suiting your personality and the event.



 Aesthetic take on classical designs 

Indian handicraft is a celebrated and distinguished virtuosity on the global platform, which unfortunately is a dying art in the contemporary scenario. At Emaani, we strive to sustain and safeguard the age-old skill of adroit craftsmen that has permeated across generations. We pay great attention to developing this skill and relaying it professionally for their continuity. Extending vocational training to those who seek to assimilate these arts, to produce classy couture ensembles to adorn your wardrobe.